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An OS X Missing Feature

One great feature of Linux for developers is that you can right click on any folder in Linux's file manager and an option to open a terminal at that folder will be available. You can actually do the same thing in Windows by holding shift while right clicking in the folder and selecting Open Command Window Here.

On OS X though there is NO built in way to do this! Sure, there exists a feature that almost does this by right clicking going into the Services menu and then selecting a New Terminal at Folder option...

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The problem with this though is that you have to be clicking on a folder for it to work. You cannot be in the folder that you want to open!

Go2Shell To The Rescue!

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Luckily, I find a great FREE little App called Go2Shell that gives you a button that will open a terminal window in whatever folder you are currently in!

You can install an older version of the app from the Mac App store. However, to get the latest version you will actually need to go to the developers website:

When installed, the latest version puts a great looking icon into the toolbox of the finder window.

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I got in contact with the developers of Go2Shell to find out why the latest version of the app couldn't be installed from the app store because honestly it sounded a little strange to me at first. They got back to me quickly though and it turns out that the reason is actually because of app sandboxing.

All of the new apps in the Mac App store are required to be sandboxed so that they can't talk to other applications. Version 1 of Go2Shell was added before this requirement. Version 2 though cannot be added to the app store because Go2Shell requires communication with finder in order to work!


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