About Me

I am software Developer at GDT in Dallas where I specialize in writing software that deals with network automation, IoT, analytics, and full-stack web development. My primary language is Python but really, I use whatever language is best for the job.

I am also a student in Oregon State's Post-Baccalaureate Online Computer Science program. The program is geared towards students who already have prior degrees in something else and are looking for a fast-track CS program that allows them to more quickly complete a CS degree by taking into account their prior course work.

My path to getting into Software Development was not exactly typical! As a kid I learned the basics of programming using VB and later some C++ in high school, but I ended up getting a bacehlors and MBA in accounting. I soon found that accounting wasn't for me and ended up getting into analytics. While working in analytics I started getting back into programming and really fell in love with it once I was able to use it to do something more useful than the tinkering I had done as a kid.

My analytics positions continued evolving until my entire job revolved around writing code in various languages that helped the teams I worked with create analytics and automate working with complex datasets.

Eventually, I came to understand that my true desire was to work not in analytics but in software development and so I joined the OSU program and fully transitioned into Software Development with my next role.